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To schedule your initial evaluation, please email or call me.


A brief phone call is required for all initial appointments/consultations to discuss your treatment needs.

First Visit

Initial appointments are detailed psychiatric evaluations conducted over one or more visits. The reason for the consult, medication trials (if applicable), medical history, psychiatric history, and school records (for child and adolescent patients) are reviewed in depth. This allows me to identify the best treatment options available.


90-120 minute evaluations performed over one or more visits depending on complexity.

Children and Adolescents

2-3 hour evaluations split into two to three appointments depending on complexity and age of the child/adolescent. First, I meet with the parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Then, I meet with the child or adolescent. This may occur as part of the initial appointment, or as a separate appointment depending on the age of the child. The final visit is shorter in duration, where diagnostic impressions and treatment options are reviewed.


In preparation for the initial evaluation, please bring the following paperwork (if applicable).

  • Neuropsychological/Psychological Evaluations

  • Academic Evaluations (IEPs) and Report Cards

  • Prior psychiatric evaluations

  • Recent physical exams and specialty medical assessments

  • Recent bloodwork/laboratory results

  • Current prescriptions and over the counter medications​

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